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Our Story
When our family of 4 finally grew old and big enough, we wanted to get the whole family out on the water in our kayaks.  But we had a problem, how do we get 4 kayaks and all the gear into the back of the truck?  Needless to say it can be done but it wasn't easy.  But we also wanted to go camping and take the kayaks now we had to take 2 vehicles and that was a pain.  So we set out to design and build a trailer system that would work for us.  We have gotten so many compliments on the "prototype" we decided to go into full manufacturing mode.  And that is where we are today.  We now manufacture a line of trailers for the ultimate outdoor getaway.  You can carry up to 7+ kayaks, a UTV, and all your gear, or we have a more modest model that allows you to carry up to 6 kayaks, a four wheeler, and your gear and eveything in between.  So go ahead and get outdoors.
See You There.